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Baker Valley Vector Control


The Baker Valley Vector Control District was born out of an attempt by several Baker Valley ranchers to reduce the annoyance of mosquitoes to their cattle grazing on flood irrigated pastures. After only one year of aerial applications shortly after the fields north of Baker City were flooded, area ranchers noticed a remarkable increase in their cattle gains due to the tremendous decrease in mosquito parisitation. The effect of area rancher’s spraying for mosquitoes was far more reaching than their property boundaries.  Citizens of nearby Baker City also noticed a tremendous decrease in the number of mosquitoes affecting the community. Having seen first hand the benefits of mosquito control for both the rural and urban citizens alike, a group of concerned citizens began the work to organize and form the Baker Valley Vector Control District. After much consideration, the district boundaries and tax base where settled upon. In November 1975, the Baker Valley Vector Control District was officially voted into existence. 

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